So now that I’m back working full time, I’m contemplating what my next Accordance purchase should be. I know I need to get BDAG: it is the standard Greek lexicon. I currently have the 2nd edition in print, but having the newest electronically would be quite handy. You get a discount when you get it bundled with HALOT (the standard Hebrew lexicon), but it would be strange for me to spend >$100 on a language I don’t know yet! I’m also contemplating getting the “Church Father and Church History” set.  It appears to be quite extensive, and even has Greek/Latin in the footnotes from what I can tell.  However, I’m afraid that the translations would be old and difficult to read, and that Greek/Latin would be difficult to access.  Still, it’s an impressive set.  Finally, I could add to my Greek collection with some works from people like Philo, Josephus, or the Greek pseudepigrapha.  The last sounds especially tempting….

I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting BDAG in some way.  Beyond that, any suggestions?